Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Semana 19

Sabado el 19 de noviembre – día 125
Today I woke up around 9:30 and went downstairs to have some breakfast.  Clarisa had bought some fresh medialunas, so I had two of them and some strawberries for breakfast.  I went back upstairs and did some random stuff online, then decided to head out for a walk.

It was really hot and humid out so I went home and got some things to study then went to a café near my house to do some studying and have a snack.  I got a banana and dulce de leche frappucino (which was very lacking as I couldn’t taste the banana or the dulce de leche) and a piece of lemon cake (the cake was kind of dry and lacking but the icing was really good).

After I ate and did my reading I paid and then decided to take another walk around the neighborhood and do some window shopping/browsing at the ferias.

It started to look like it was going to rain so I made my way home.  I went onto the rooftop and took some pictures of the clouds in the sky because they looked really cool, then shortly after it started to pour.

Saturday night I was supposed to go to the blind theater, which does plays based on sense other than sense of sight (as the name says), with Ludi and some friends, but unfortunately my bus didn't come in time, so I went home and had some dinner, watched some TV, and went to bed.
Domingo el 20 de noviembre
Sunday I got up and had some breakfast, then went on another walk around the neighborhood.  I came back, attempted to do some work, then ate some lunch.  After lunch I attempted to do more work, and decided to go on another walk instead (this warm and sunny weather really isn’t conducive to me being productive).  I skyped with the fam, after which I had dinner with Clarisa while we watched “minute para ganar” then showered and went to bed.

Lunes el 21 de noviembre
Today I got up and had breakfast, then did some random stuff online.  I had lunch then left for my last day of volunteering at the elementary school.  I was the only one that showed up, so I worked with four fifth graders who are taking the international English exam on Friday.  They all did a great job, and it was a nice way to end my semester’s volunteer work.

I came home to a facebook message from Ludi, asking a group of us if we wanted to go to Bomba del Tiempo with her, Alicia, and Sonia (Alicia’s twin sister who’s visiting!).  I had wanted to go to bomba for awhile, so I was super excited!  I met Alicia and Sonia at the bus stop and we went together.  Bomba is a big live drum concert, and when the weather is nice it’s held outside, which was really amazing!

After the concert we all headed out to get dinner.  After trying two different places, both of which were unsuccessful, we came to Gaupachoza, which turned out to be a great find!  We ordered some stella and some pizza, and got to watch a show, called Camucha, which was actually hilarious, and it was donation based, so it wasn’t expensive either!

 A little after midnight I split a cab with Alicia and Sonia, went home, and went to bed.

Martes el 22 de noviembre
Tuesday I got up (begrudgingly), had breakfast, and made my way to castellano.  It was a pretty pointless last class, we had to review all the verb tenses by writing a story using all of them at least once, and we got points for the tenses we used correctly, and points if we corrected someone else’s errors - the winners got candy.  While my story was grammatically correct I was too tired (and uninterested) to make any corrections, so I didn’t win.

After class I had a meeting with my advisor to talk about finals and grades.  I figured out that I need to fill out a rush transcript form (since sometimes grades can come as late as May, and I need my grades before that so I can graduate), so that’s one more thing for me to do.  After my meeting, I walked home and made myself some lunch.

I did some research for my castellano essay, then got hungry and decided to get some ice cream.

I went to a place a few blocks from my house called Filippo, which was delicious!  I got a cone of dulce de leche granizado y coco (dulce de leche with chocolate pieces and coconut) which was a delicious combination!  After I finished my ice cream I walked to yoga.   

When class was over (which was exceptionally good), I walked home.  When I got home Clarisa told me she wouldn’t be home for dinner, but she was leaving me some pastel de papa.  I showered then ate dinner while watching a new episode of SVU, (which featured George from Grey’s as the suspect)!  After dinner I was pretty tired, so I went to bed.
Miercoles el 23 de noviembre
Today I got up and had breakfast, then took the subte to my research.  After research I realized I had left my UBA id and my lunch at home, so I quickly went home, then took the bus to UCA.  I arrived 15 minutes late, but class still hadn’t started.  In class we just watched the rest of everyone’s final projects.  After class I took the bus home.

Upon my arrival at home, I intended to do some work on my essay, but skyped with Kevin and Alyssa, and then updated my blog instead. 

Clarisa called to say she wouldn’t be home for dinner, but that she had left me a pumpkin and broccoli tarta in the friddge, so I heated that up and ate while I watched TV.

After dinner I showered and packed for my trip to Uruguay!  Now I'm off to bed, eat some pumpkin pie for me tomorrow!

Un beso,

Random Photo:
Coche rosado!

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