Friday, November 11, 2011

Semana 17

Martes el 8 de noviembre – día 114
Today I got up at 8:30, had some breakfast and walked to my castellano class.   We each gave our 7 minute  “practice” presentation, so we only had about 30 minutes of class, which our professor spent giving us feedback on our presentations.  After class I walked home and made myself some lunch.

After I ate I tried to fix my blog post about Rosario, since blogger decided it was only going to publish half of my post.  I had re-upload all of my pictures, which takes an annoying long time. 

At 16:00 I took a colectivo to UBA for psicolingüística.  We didn’t have actual class today, but we could go in and ask about our trabajo practico, so I went to talk to my professor about the second parcial (midterm).  I took a colectivo home, and stopped for some frozen yogurt (topped with pineapple, kiwi, strawberry, peach, and chocolate chips – delicious!) after I got off.  I came home and showered, then skyped with the fam.

After skype I had dinner (milanesa and salad) while watching the Simpsons (Clarisa went out to dinner with a friend) then worked on my trabajo practico para psicolingüística and then went to bed.

Miercoles el 9 de noviembre
Wednesday I got up around 9:30, had some breakfast, and did some reading.  Ludi met me at my house around 12:00 and we headed to meet Derek for lunch at Sarkis (a Mediterranean restaurant I’ve wanted to try for awhile).

We decided to split a bunch of ½ portion dishes, so we got falafel, hummus, tabule, and stuffed eggplant, with a chardonnay to wash it all down.  The food was absolutely amazing, and I’ve never been happier to have hummus!  After lunch Ludi had to go to class, but Derek and I shopped around Palermo to find a birthday present for his boyfriend.  After he found the perfect gift, we both headed home.

When I got back I did some more reading, and made myself some delicious orange-strawberry juice.  It was raining pretty hard, and after the sky looked cook so I took some pictures.

I got ready for yoga and then headed out to take a colectivo, which just happened to be the same colectivo that Alicia and Gaston were on (I was supposed to meet them on the corner where the yoga studio was).  The yoga class was a “community class” so we could pay as little or as much as we wanted, which was really great for my wallet!

After class I took a bus home.  Clarisa and I had steamed potatoes and pumpkin for dinner and some canned peaches for dessert.

After dinner I went upstairs, showered, and went to bed.

Jueves el 10 de noviembre
Today marks exactly one month until my flight home, which seems like complete craziness to me!

Anyway, I got up at 8:15 and had some breakfast before heading to my biochem research.  After research I came home and had some lunch, and then did some reading.  At 16:00 I headed to UBA for my last official class, in which we turned in our projects and discussed our results.

I took a bus home and had vegetable rice with Clarisa while we watched “Salven el million.”  After dinner I showered and went to bed.

Viernes el 11 de noviembre
Today I got up around 9:30 and had some cereal with peaches (yum!).  I did some random stuff online, then went to yoga.  After yoga I came home and showered, then ate some lunch.

It was a gorgeous day so I decided to go to the park and do some reading.  After about 2 hours I got hungry to so I went to a café for a licuado de banana con leche (banana + milk + blender) y una medialuna.  After I finished I took a walk around the neighborhood and then returned to the park for a bit.

I came home when it started to get dark and did some more reading.

I had dinner (left over ham and cheese tarta and salad) with Clarisa around 21:15, then went to meet Ludi to go to the movies. 

Ludi brought her porteña friend along, and we met Julia there.  We saw Pina, which was a German movie about modern dance and a woman, named Pina, who was famous.  It was really good, and really made me miss ballet.  A side note about movies in Argentina, the popcorn is sweet.  I was really surprised when I tasted it, I was expecting salty, buttery, American movie theater popcorn, but instead it tasted almost like kettle corn.

We took a bus home, and I went to bed around 2:30.
Un beso,

Random photo:
A mannequin I encountered on a walk through the neighborhood

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