Thursday, September 29, 2011

Semana 11

Domingo el 25 de septiembre – día 70
Today I got up and had some breakfast then started to write an essay for Literatura Argentina.  

Around 17:00 I took a break and went to the park to do some reading for psicolingüística.  There was a huge party going on, I think in part for Rosh Hashanah (there were a few signs that said Rosh Hashanah and quite a few people in yarmulkes), even though I don’t think it’s officially until this coming weekend.  I took a few pictures and then did some reading.

I headed home when it started to get dark and finished up my essay.

For dinner Lu and I had rotisserie chicken and french fries, then I showered and went to bed.

Lunes el 26 de septiembre
I didn’t have anywhere to go on Monday day since my tutoring was canceled but I planned on getting up at 8:00 and reading for psicolingüística.  However, when my alarm went off I decided that was too early and went back to sleep until 10:00… oops. 

Anyway, I got up and had some breakfast then edited my essay.  I packed up a bag with my readings for the day.  I headed out to print my essay then went to the park to read.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day out – very warm and very sunny!

Around 18:00 I headed home and then went to yoga.  When I came back I showered and then had dinner with Clarisa and Lu.  We had potatoes, pumpkin and a type of bean I’d never had before, and don’t remember the name of.  After dinner we had dulce de membrillo for dessert. 

When dinner was over I did a little more reading then went to bed.

Martes el 27 de septiembre
I got up at 8:30 this morning, had some cornflakes for breakfast, and then took un colectivo to castellano.  In class today we met one of the UBA professors who will be giving our oral final exam.  We did an activity with her so she could assess our Spanish level and so we could get to know her a little so we wouldn’t freak out on the day of our final that some stranger was judging our Spanish (I’m still going to freak out that some person I’ve met once is judging my Spanish).  After class I walked home and had some lunch while watching Agent Cody Banks (the Frankie Muniz movie from 2003) – the daytime TV lineup is lacking, especially since 
I don’t want to watch anything in English while I’m here.

After lunch I dropped my clothes off at the lavadero then came back home and did some work before heading to psicolingüística.

I took un colectivo home, showered and did a little reading before dinner.  Clarisa, Lu, and I watched “Salven el million” while we dined on leftover chicken, salad with lemon and olive oil dressing, and potato salad and yogurt with almonds for dessert.

After dinner I finished up some reading then went to bed.

Miercoles el 28 de septiembre-día 73
Today marks the halfway point of my time abroad, which I absolutely cannot believe!

This morning I got up at 8:15, had some breakfast, then took the subte to my research at la facultad de medicina.  Afterwards I took un colectivo to UCA for my photography class.  We had a field trip to hotel where there was art (that weren't allowed to take pictures of... great planning) and then a cool museum.

After class I took the bus home and ended up sitting next to my professor, which was interesting, but didn't allow me to do any reading...

When I got off the bus I picked up my laundry then headed home and read until dinner.

Clarisa and I had pasta, then postre de vigilante for dessert.

After dinner I read some more then went to bed.

Jueves el 29 de septiembre
I got up at 8:15 again to go to la facultad de medicina, then headed to my USAL lit class.  My UBA class was canceled today so we'd have time to study so I headed home to get ready for my trip to IGUAZU!!!!  I leave later tonight and then have a really long bus ride there.  I'm scheduled to get back on Monday, so be sure to check back for an update and a ton of pictures!

Un beso,

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