Friday, November 4, 2011

Semana 16

Martes el 1 de noviembre – día107
Today I woke up and had some cereal before heading off to castellano via colectivo.  We talked about our final presentations/papers in class, and then I walked home. 

For lunch I had the leftover salad from yesterday and an orange.  I did some reading and then went to UBA for psicolingüística.  After class I met with my group to go over some things for our trabajo practico, which went pretty well, and then I had to wait forever for a colectivo to come. 

I skyped with the family until Clarisa called me down for dinner.  We had vegetable rice, followed by chocotorta (layer of chocolate cookies, layer of dulce de leche, repeat 3 times, and refrigerate – yum!) for dessert.

When we finished dinner I showered, did some reading, and then went to bed.

Miercoles el 2 de noviembre
Wednesday I got up and had breakfast, packed my lunch, and walked to the subte station to go to my research.  I prepared a lot of solutions to run tests on today, I finally feel like I understand (at least a little) what’s going on in the lab, and that I’m actually contributing.

At 12:30 I took the subte back to Palermo then walked to the MALBA, because we had a field trip there for my UCA class.  I sat in the little park next to the museum while I ate my lunch and did a little reading for psicolingüística.  At 14:30 I met the class at the doors of the museum.  The exhibit had changed since the last time I was there, and it was REALLY cool!  The featured artist was Carlos Cruz-Diez and his art had to do with color and movement.  Most of it you would have to see in person to see how cool it was, but you should all look him up.  I don’t have pictures because last time I went to the museum I got in trouble for taking pictures, but I found out today that pictures are allowed in certain areas.  I plan on going back again before I leave (the museum is free to students on Wednesday), so I’ll post pictures then!  At 16:00 we got a guided tour of the permanent collection, which was really neat, but in opinion too short.

I walked home, did some reading and showered.  Clarisa and I had dinner around 21:30, which was a really good fish stew/chowder with potatoes, onions, and tomatoes.  For dessert I had an apple then went to my room to do a little more reading before going to bed relatively early.

Jueves el 3 de noveimbre
Thursday I go up and had some cereal, packed me lunch, then took the subte to research.  After research I walked to my last day of Literatura Argentina at USAL.  We got back our last essay, the professor told us our final grade, we briefly discussed our last reading, then we got out of class 2 hours early.  I absolutely can’t believe I’m already done with one class… this is insanity!

I went with Francesca to a dietica nearby and bought some dried fruit: papaya, kiwi, and melon (which is just about the most delicious dried fruit I’ve ever had) before heading off on the subte to UBA.  Since I was about an hour early I sat out in the hall and did some reading.

Class seemed to drag on, and it was hot in the classroom so I was tired.  At break I bought myself a coffee and a homemade alfajor (which was absolutely delicious) from a woman with a stand at the school then sat through another 2 hours of class before heading home on a colectivo.

When I got home Clarisa had a dinner of potato salad and hotdogs waiting.  For dessert I had an orange then went upstairs to shower and go to bed.

Viernes el 4 de noviembre
Today I got up around 9, had some breakfast, and did some reading.  I went to yoga at 11, then walked around the neighborhood for a bit before heading home to make myself some lunch.   

Cool graffiti

I really like this door!

An apartment?

Strange statue in front of the apartment

It was a rainy afternoon so I stayed in and did some reading, watched some tv, skyped with Alyssa and showered.  Here are some pictures I took from my window:

Clarisa went out to dinner with a friend, so I watched Los Simpsons while I ate some salad and tarta de jamon y queso (which may be the best thing I've had for dinner since I got here).

Now I’m off to bed because I have to get up early to go to Rosario for the weekend with my program!

Un beso,

Random Photo:
The bag of rocklets, which are basically Argentine M&Ms, that were all brown... so strange!

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