Thursday, September 15, 2011

Semana 9

Sábado el 10 de septiembre – día 55
Today I got up and had some breakfast then headed out to meet Ludi.  We went to Plaza Once (where we met up with her porteño friend) so she could buy soccer cleats and sweatpants then headed to San Telmo in search of mates.  We found some great deals and we each got a mate (and bombillla – the straw) for $25 pesos ($6.25).  We had some hot chocolate in the plaza and then headed home on the colectivo.

That night I met up with Ludi and a ton of other IFSA kids at a party a few blocks from my house at the 
apartment of an American currently living in Buenos Aires.  Some of the kids in my program play baseball with the guy and there were a ton of Americans and other foreigners there.  The apartment was awesome and we had some of the best food I’ve had yet.  There was a huge grill built into the wall of the porch and an outdoor pizza oven (I don’t have pictures because I felt awkward taking pictures of some random guy’s apartment) and we were supplied with seemingly endless amounts of grilled pork chops (the best pork chops ever), sausages, beef, chicken, and pizza.

After the party we attempted to go to a boliche (club) but we couldn’t get in because not everyone was 21 (really because the guys weren’t 21) so we called it a night (at 3 AM).

Domingo el 11 de septiembre
I got up, had some breakfast and headed to starbucks to do some reading.  After an iced dulce de leche latte and 3 hours of reading I decided to do some shopping in Plaza Serrano.  I ended up buying 2 pairs of earrings ($25 pesos a peach - $6.25) and a pair of boots ($220 pesos - $55). 

At 18:30 I went to meet Ludi and Alicia at the bus to go to a tango concert by some performers Ludi met in the park.  The concert was really good until the last guy, who was a creepy old guys and a large majority of his songs were just strange.  After the concert we went to a milongo with one of the guys and got dinner (some delicious empanadas) and watched some tango dancing.  We made our way home around 1:00.

Lunes el 12 de septiembre
I woke up and had breakfast, did some reading, had lunch, then headed to the elementary school for my trabajo voluntario, which was a lot of fun!

Today I worked with 2 groups of 3 fourth graders and then one-on-one with 3 second graders.  In the first group of fourth graders I made two new best friends, Melissa and Nicole.  They ran up to me as soon as we walked into the classroom and hugged me, so we went out in the hall and they bombarded me with questions ranging from my favorite color and favorite food, to if I’d ever visited Disney World.  They were great, and it was awesome how excited they were to be practicing English.  In the second group of fourth graders I had to laugh when a little boy told me his favorite fruit was “banana with dulce de leche.”  The second graders were adorable, and I wanted to steal the little girl named Abril because she was so excited about everything and was sooo good at English for her age.  Every time I would ask her a question she would think really hard, pointing to her head with her fingers and then say the answer really enthusiastically.  It’s so much fun to work the kids because they’re so happy to be able to speak to the volunteers.

After we were done I took the bus home and did some reading.  For dinner Clarisa and I had rice with onion, pepper, and zucchini then I showered and went to bed.

Martes el 13 de septiembre
Today I had to get up at 6:45 (ew) to go do my trabajo del campo para mi clase de psicolingüística.   I met the two girls I am working with outside of the school and we went in to talk with the principal.  For our project we have to read a set of words to a group of 2nd graders and a group of 4th graders who then have to write the words.  Unfortunately for us there was a misunderstanding with what exactly we were there to do (the principal misunderstood what the other girls told her when they visited and didn’t read the paper with our assignment clearly and insisted they hadn’t told her everything and was basically a not nice word that rhymes with witch) so we ended up only doing the project with the 2nd graders today.

After that ordeal I took the bus to mi clase de castellano, then after class I walked home.  I made myself some lunch, procrastinated from doing work, and then took the bus to UBA for piscolingüística.  After class I took the subte home.

Clarisa wasn’t home, but Lu and I had dinner (pastel de papas – the Argentine version of Sheppard’s pie) around 21:45, then I showered and went to bed.

Miercoles el 14 de septiembre
Today I got up at 8:15, had some breakfast, and then headed out for my trabajo voluntario doing biochem research.  I didn’t have my UCA class today (I don’t have it next week either) so afterwards I came home and had some lunch.  I spent the afternoon alternating between doing a little bit of work and a lot of procrastination.

Clarisa and I had dinner around 21:30, which consisted of pasta with dried tomatoes, spices, olive oil, and parmesan cheese, it was really good.  For dessert we had dulce de batata (sweet potato).

After dinner I took a shower, did a little more reading, and then went to bed.

Jueves el 15 de septiembre
Today was another marathon Thursday.  I got up at 8, had breakfast, packed my lunch, and took the subte to the facultad de medicina.  At 12:30 I walked to my USAL class, and then took the subte to UBA for longest clase de psicolingüística ever.  I literally looked at my watch every 10 minutes (we had the same guy as last week and it was soooo hard for me to pay attention because I had a lot of trouble understanding what he was saying).  I took the subte home, and walked in the door at around 22:00.  Clarisa ordered a pizza and empanadas de carne picante (which were, surprisingly, actually spicy) which were both amazing!  After dinner we had some tea and talked, and now I’m going to bed.

Un beso,

Sorry for the short posts this week, I’ve been super busy.

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Pictures I took from my bedroom window a few weeks ago

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