Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2 meses!

Viernes el 16 de septiembre – día 61
Friday I woke up and had some breakfast then did a little work before heading to Mario’s (my program director) house to have un reunión de evaluación.  Basically we gave us an overview of how this semester is going, then we had a really delicious lunch (raviolis with red sauce, pesto, and a mushroom cream sauce), then we discussed how we felt out experience was so far and what we did/didn’t like about Argentina.
After the meeting I headed to IFSA to pick up my stuff for my appointment at migraciones next week.  Melissa met me there and we went to my house to plan our trip to Iguazu!

When she left I did some reading then had some leftover vegetable rice for dinner (Clarisa was at a wedding in El Tigre).

After dinner I met Melissa and Vanessa at the movie theatre in Recolecta and we saw Mi primera boda (My First Wedding), here’s the link for the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8X766naoFhE   It was really funny, and I’m glad I finally got to see an Argentine movie in Spanish in the theatre!

Sabado el 17 de septiembre
Saturday I got up and had some breakfast, then went to yoga.  When I got back I showered and had some lunch, then went to meet Ludi and her porteño friend Lucas in the park.  She taught me how to do slackline (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lbe201MVIE4&feature=related I stuck to trying to balance and walk in a straight line).  I wasn’t very good, but it was still fun to watch.  Later in the afternoon we had mate with some of Lucas’s friends that we had met. 

Later that night I met Ludi and Alicia to go to dinner at one of their friend’s houses.  We had milanesa y puree de papas (lightly breaded meat-really delicious and mashed potatoes).  

Alicia and I headed home around 2AM and had quite an experience on the bus. There was a group of ridiculously drunk girls, one of whom had had wayyyyyyy too much to drink and projectile vomited over her seat and onto the floor.  She was in a stupor and alternating from falling asleep leaning on the window and throwing up.  It smelled disgusting and Alicia and I still had another half an hour at least on the bus.   A little while into the bus ride one of the aforementioned drunkards had to go to the bathroom.  How do I know this?  She stood by the bus door, grabbing herself like a 4 year old and started saying she had to use the bathroom over and over and over again.  Pretty soon the rest of the people on the bus were trying to suppress their giggles at the ridiculous antics of these drunk girls.  When they finally got off the bus the girl in need of a bathroom decided it would be appropriate to hike up her skirt and pull down on tights right there on curb of the sidewalk, and which point the entire bus started laughing.  It was absolutely ridiculous.

Domingo el 18 de septiembre
I’ve officially been in Argentina for 2 months now, ¡Que locura!  While I know I still have a lot of time left I can’t believe how fast time if flying.  Unfortunately for me I didn’t do anything to enjoy this 2 month milestone as I had an insane amount of work to do, so I spent my day cooped up in my room reading.

At dinner Clarisa and I watched Minuto para ganar  (Minute to Win it) while enjoying some Asian tasting vegetables and pasta.  For dessert Clarisa had bought some more dulce de membrillo. ¡Que delicioso!

Lunes el 19 de septiembre
Monday I got up and had breakfast before doing more work.  At 12:30 I took un colectivo a la escuela primaria para mi trabajo voluntario.  It was ridiculously unorganized today, as I was working with 4 second graders for over half an hour.  Not only is that too many kids to work with it’s far too long for their attention spans.  Afterwards I took the bus home.

I stopped at a photo place to drop off some of my pictures to get developed for my photo class then headed home.

I went to yoga then came home and showered.  I got ready then I headed out to meet a group of IFSA kids for a birthday dinner for Melissa and Andy.

We ate a restaurant near my house called Motts which was absolutely AMAZING!!!  We ordered a few bottles of wine for the table along with desgustacion de entradas (a sampler of appetizers).  It was delicious!  Unfortunately I didn’t get  a picture before everyone dove in, but there was breaded shrimp with avocado and pineapple served in a martini glass filled with guacamole (I didn’t have any of this since I don’t like shrimp but everyone said it was delicious), ceviche (delicious), some sort of salmon with cavier (ok), beef carpaccio – thin sliced raw beef (surprisingly really good), baked brie with tomato and basil (melted cheese can’t be bad), greens wrapped in ham, and a ton of different cheeses/spreads for some delicious bread.

For my meal I got ñoquis, which I’d never had before, but were delicious!

My dinner

Melissa's steak

Julie's rice

Inside of my dinner

Finally, for dessert we got the desgustacion de postres, which was basically heaven on a plate.  It included a chocolate volcano cake (which was obviously divine), basil ice cream (suprisingly delicious), another sort of ice cream that I forget the flavor of, a "floating island" which I can't really describe, but the texture was interesting, a creamy vanilla flavored custard and a cream/sugar concoction.

Martes el 20 de septiembre
Today I got up and had breakfast before taking un colectivo a mi clase de castellano.  After class I walked home, stopping at the photo shop to pick up my pictures on the way.  I made myself some lunch then did a little bit of work before taking un colectivo a mi clase de psicolingüística en la UBA.

After class I took the bus home, showered, and did some work before dinner.  Clarisa wasn’t home but I ate with Lu.  We had salad and this pasta/egg concoction.

Now I’m off to bed.

Un beso,

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