Saturday, September 24, 2011

Primavera, por fin!

Miercoles el 21 de septiembre – día 66
Today I didn’t have research or classes because it’s día de la primavera (first day of spring) and día del estudiante (day of the student)!  I got up and went to yoga, and on my way I saw a ton of high school students buying beer at 9:30 in the morning…  that’s one way to celebrate.  

Unfortunately I had a ton of reading to do, so I didn’t get to do anything fun, but I went to the park by my house to read.

At around 18:30 I headed home to get ready for dinner.  There were 2 representatives from IFSA’s office here and they wanted to have dinner with students in the program doing volunteer work.  We ate at an Italian restaurant and I had a vegetable calzone and tiramisu for dessert.

I got home around 22:30, talked with Clarisa for a little bit, and then went to bed.

Jueves el 22 de septiembre
Thursday I had to complete the third step in getting my residency, which meant getting up at 8:00 to go to migraciones, egh.  Unfortunately it was freezing out – a cruel joke after yesterday’s delightfully warm spring day.  I took un colectivo, got off at my stop, then walked to where I thought migraciones was.  The directions IFSA gave us weren’t very clear, and I got somewhat lost (I was only a block away but didn’t have any clue where I was) but luckily a very nice woman came up to me and asked ¿Estás buscando migraciones? (are you looking for migraciones?) and pointed me in the right direction.  Fortunately I arrived 5 minute early for my appointment and $300 pesos ($75) and 45 minutes later I was done.  Some other people in my program had later appointment times and waited upwards of 2 hours.  Now I just have to return to migraciones in ~20 days to get my official student residency!

I went to my lit class at USAL then after that I headed to UBA for psicolingüística.  The professor gave everyone candy for día del estudiante (fue ayer –it was yesterday)!  We don’t have class next week so we can study for our parcial (midterm) – which is good because I’m going to Iguazu next weekend (I was supposed to go this weekend but that fell through).  I’m kind of nervous for this exam since she told us absolutely nothing about the format, she just said she didn’t know how it was going to be, but there would probably be multiple choice.  I talked to her after class, but she didn’t tell me anything else, so we’ll see how it goes.

I took the bus home (I discovered that in this instance the bus takes way less time than the subte and drops me off closer to home) and Clarisa and I had vegetable rice with tuna mixed in, which was actually pretty good.

After dinner I showered and went to bed.

Viernes el 23 de septiembre
I got up Friday and had breakfast, then started doing some school work.  I went to get some lunch and do some reading at a little café close to my house that serves natural food.  I got on the sugerencias del dia (a daily special – literally suggestion of the day) which included pan con manteca de calabaza (bread with pumpkin butter), sopa de calabaza (pumpkin soup), tarta de salmon (salmon/cheese/egg pastry) y limonada, all for $40 pesos ($10).

The bathroom sink which I thought was really pretty

After I finished one of my readings I headed home to do some more reading (common theme for the weekend).  Around 21:00 Clarisa called me to say we would be having a pizza dinner at her friend Cristina’s house.  Cristina lives about a 2 minute walk from us and she also has an IFSA student living with her.  We got pizza from Mi Matute, which is really close buy and very delicious (they also have great empanadas!).

When we finished dinner we watched “Minuto para ganar” and Clarisa and Cristina told us about how they discovered a free trial of, it was interesting to say the least.  Around 23:00 I headed home.
Ludi asked me to go to a reggae club with her so I got ready and headed to the colectivo stop.  The club was really cool, and we stayed until about 4:15.  We took a taxi home and I went to bed.

Sabado el 24 de septiembre
Today I got up around 11:30, had some breakfast then took a walk before heading to yoga.  After yoga I came home and gathered up my reading for psicolingüística then headed to a café for lunch and more reading.  It was pretty warm and very sunny so I sat at one of the outdoor tables and ordered a café con leche and medialunas rellanas (medialunas filled with ham and cheese) for a grand total of $20 pesos ($5).  

After reading for 2 ½ hours I couldn’t think anymore so I took a little walk then headed home.

I did some more reading then got ready to meet Ludi, Alicia, and Rory for dinner and a play.  We went to a pizza place and got some delicious pizza tropical!

Then we went to the play, called Algo estupido (  It was good, but short.

Now I'm off to bed

Un beso,

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