Friday, September 2, 2011

Semana 7

Martes el 30 de agosto – día 44
Today I got up at 8:30 and had breakfast, then took the colectivo to mi clase de castellano.  After class I walked home (about a 35 minute walk).  I watched some of the US Open while I had lunch.  I headed to my clase de psicolingüística around 13:30, arriving at UBA at 14:30… half an hour early (of course).  I stood in the hallway outside my class and read for my lit class until class started.  I took the subte home and did some reading and picked out my pictures for my photography class on Wednesday. 

Clarisa called me down for dinner around 21:30, we had cheese ravioli which was good.   During dinner we watched “Salven el millon” and for the first time, the people won!  Granted they ended up winning $100.000 instead of $1.000.000 but it’s better than nothing.  In case you were wondering they lost $900.000 on one question, they got everything else completely right.  The question was: which of the following fútbol teams has won the European Tournament the most times; Milan, Liverpool, Barcelona.  I had absolutely no clue what the answer was.  It turns out it was Milan (7 times, the all time winner is Real Madrid with 9. Liverpool-which is who the team picked, has won 5 times, and Barcelona has won 4).  For dessert Clarisa we had dulce de batata con cereza (sweet potato with cherry) y queso.  I wasn’t that found of it, as I don’t like cherry, but it wasn’t terrible.  

After dinner I showered, did some reading, then went to bed.

Miercoles el 31 de agosto
I didn’t have any classes this morning so I slept in.  When I got up I had breakfast and did some reading.  I packed a lunch then took the bus to UCA para Registrando Buenos Aires.  Our assignment,  as you may recall, was sacar autoretratos (self-portraits).  I really didn’t like the assignment at all as it made me feel like a 14 year old taking myspace pics, but here are the ones I ended up presenting to the class (some of them are strange  but you should have seen the examples my professor showed us from famous artists):

I actually presented first because nobody else in the class wanted to present so I figured I should just go and get it over with.  Unfortunately a ton of people didn’t bring in photos so our assignment for next week is to take more self-portraits.  Joy!

After class I took un colectivo home then finished up the reading for my literature class on Thursday.  I also listened to the songs for my castellano class from the 1970s.  I really like listening to the songs, and it’s really interesting to think about the similarities/differences between Argentine music and US music from the same time period.

My favorite song from my class from the sixties is “Jugo de tomate frío” by Manal ( ).  I didn't have a favorite from the seventies is but here are a few of the songs I liked “Peperina" (   I really the part in the middle, skip to 1:48 if you don’t want to listen to the whole song) and “No llores por mí, Argentina” ( by Seru Giran, “Cancion para mi muerte” ( sad but good), “Quizas porque” (, and “Mr. Jones, o una pequena semblanza de una familia tipo Americana” (2 notes about this song, the video is strange but I couldn’t find a better one, and don’t listen to the first 10 seconds with little kids in the room, by Sui Generis.

Clarisa called me to say she wouldn’t be home for dinner, so I went downstairs to heat up the lentils/potatoes/peppers mixture she had left me on the stove.  

After dinner I showered and got ready for bed.  The windows in my room have shutters on them so every morning I open the shutters to let the light in, and every night I close them again.  Tonight when I went to close them this was awaiting me:

I had a heart attack, then, realizing I was home alone and would have to kill it myself, had another heart attack.  I picked up a shoe, tried to smash it and missed.  It then scurried into its hole. 

I tried to smash its legs to no avail.  Now I’m petrified to open my window…

I skyped with Kevin who thought he would show me a “cute” video DO NOT WATCH THIS IF YOU DON’T LIKE SPIDERS  On what planet is that cute or adorable???? Not on the one I’m living on, that’s for sure.  Nothing a spider can do is cute. Ew.
Afterwards I went to bed and tried not think about spiders.

Jueves el 1 de septiembre
Today I got up at 8 for my first day volunteering doing biochem research at la Facultad de Medicina de UBA.   I’m going to go again next week but I don’t know that I’m actually doing to do it.  I feel like they want me to put a lot more time into than I’m able to, and I feel like I’m in over my head as far as the bio goes.  On the bright side I tried mate for the first time!  It wasn’t bad and I’m now going to seriously start looking for a mate of my own (which is proving very difficult because I’m so freaking indecisive).

I walked to my lit class at USAL. 
I have no clue what this building is but I passed it on my walk and thought it was pretty.

When class was over I took the subte to UBA for psicolingüística.  I got there 15 minutes late and classes hadn't started yet (typical).  At this time I would like to reiterate what I said last week: 4 hours is FAR TOO LONG for a class.  I got home around 21:50 and had dinner with Clarissa (rotisserie chicken and french fries) while watching some random telenovela.  I was exhausted after my long day so I went to bed shortly after we were done.

PS- Feliz cumpleaños Molly!

Viernes el 2 de septiembre
I woke up around 10 today, had some breakfast and did a ton of work.  I had lunch around 14:00 and then did more work.  I really don’t understand how everyone in the history of study abroad says you don’t do work when you go abroad.  I have a TON of reading for all of my classes and have found I spend a very large portion of my time here doing work.  I know I had more work at home (thanks for that chemistry) but as I said before I have pretty much no motivation to do work here, and it’s still A LOT of work.

Clarisa wasn't home for dinner so I watched the US Open while I ate (some sort of pasta dish)

Right now I'm just finishing up some reading and possibly starting a paper.

Un beso,

Random Photo:
Market by my house

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