Monday, December 5, 2011

Un paseo por el lado salvaje y mi ultimo fin de semana

Viernes el 2 de diciembre – día 138
Friday I woke up and had some breakfast then did some random things before heading out to meet my friend Saleah to go to the zoo in Lujan.  We met in Plaza Italia and took a bus to Lujan, which is located about an hour and 45 minutes outside of the city.This zoo is a special interactive zoo that allows the visitors to get up close and personal with the animals, and it was absolutely amazing!
After we had seen everything we headed home on the bus.  I walked back to my house, uploaded the pictures, and then did some random stuff online.  Clarisa and I had a vegetable tarta and coleslaw for dinner, with some dulce de membrillo for dessert.  After dinner I showered and went to bed.

Sabado el 3 de diciembre
¡Feliz cumpleaños a mi padre!

Saturday I got up and had some cereal then got dressed and made my way to yoga.  After my yoga class I walked to the feria in Recoleta to do some shopping.   
Some graffiti I came across on my walk

I ran into some of my IFSA friends, so I browsed around with them before walking home.  I dropped my packages off at my house, then went to Plaza Serrano to look around, it was a really nice day out so I took a little walk before I went home to get something to eat.  I was fairly tired, so I had a pretty lazy night, I stayed in, watched some TV online, and went to bed early.

Domingo el 4 de diciembre
Today I got up and had breakfast, then made my way to the bus stop to go to Feria de Mataderos again.  I met Saleah and Krissy when I got off the bus and we wove our way through the crowds to the feria.  We did a lot of shopping, stopped for lunch (I got a delicious choripan), and then continued shopping until we ran out of money.  While I really wish I would have discovered this feria earlier in the semester, my bank account is glad I only got to make two trips!  If you ever find yourself in Buenos Aires on a Sunday afternoon, I highly recommend visiting Feria de Mataderos.  Not only is it less crowded and cheaper than the other ferias I’ve been to, it’s also much more traditional, and there’s more to see than just the vendors, plus the food is amazing!
Traditional folk-dance on stage at the feria
Random iguana man


Miniature horse rides

 I headed home, did some random stuff online, skyped with the fam and then had dinner with Clarisa (left over vegetable tarta and coleslaw).  After dinner I skyped with Kevin and then Alyssa, and now I’m off to bed!

Un beso,

Random Photo:
Christmas time in Buenos Aires!

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