Sunday, July 24, 2011

Primer fin de semana

Hola a todos!

Yesterday (Saturday) Julie, Melissa and I walked around the neighborhood, looked and some shops, took photos for our homework assignment and stopped at a little cafe where I had my first medialuna (literally - half moons, which are like croissants, but sweeter and 1000 x better).  I went home to rest for a little bit before dinner, as I was still tired for the night before. 

Ludi took a taxi to my house around 10:30PM and we walked to a parilla to get dinner.  Unfortunately we didn't plan well and there was a huge line and after waiting for 45 minutes we decided to come back next weekend at 8PM when they open (and when no porteƱos are eating dinner yet).  While we were waiting there was a very irate group of 6 that stormed away because they said they had been waiting for 2 hours.  

When we left the parilla we walked to plaza serrano to meet up with Derek and Brooke (who was in Buenos Aires for her Mendoza orientation).  Ludi and I ordered pizza and quilmes at the bar.  The pizza was delicious, a thin, slightly crispy crust with only a little sauce (Mom - you definitely wouldn't have liked this one) with an amazing mozzarella cheese.  Around 2AM or so we took a taxi to club amerika (a gay bar).  We paid $80 (pesos) to get in which also covered unlimited alcohol for the night (so basically $20 to drink all night).  It was an awesome place to dance, but there a surprisingly large number of very persistent straight guys there who were all pretty sketch.  Also, there was couple who wanted to have a three-some with Ludi, so that was an interesting part of the night.  Ludi and I got a taxi around 5AM and went home.  As soon as I laid down I fell asleep as I was EXHAUSTED.

This morning I woke up at 11AM to Vaci (el gato) aggressively scratching at my door.  Although it eventually stopped I couldn't fall asleep again so I reluctantly got up.  Julie and I went to a restaurant resembling a 50s style dinner with lots of retro/pop culture signs from America as well as old quilmes ads.  All of the hamburgers were named after old singers or musicians and I got a Miles Davis (carmalized onions, mushrooms (which were missing), provelone, and a roasted pepper) with papas fritas.  The mostaza (mustard) there was very different, it kind of reminded me of honey mustard with a lot of vinegar.  The hamburger was ok, but was VERY different from American hamburgers, as it was chewier and a different kind of beef.  Next time I think I'll try their American breakfast dishes (eggs, pancakes, french toast, etc.) to see what the Argentine version is like.

Julie and I walked around some more and finished up our tarea (homework assignment).  I came home and loaded my pictures onto the computer, then read a little from  my Lonely Planet about Argentine history and such, and now I'm just relaxing until dinner.
Here are the pictures I took for my assignment.


That's all for now!

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